Boarding Secondary

The school has its own Medical Centre on site, with a resident Doctor and qualified nurses always on duty to attend to the students’ needs. This is open to students 24 hours a day and 7 days a week when the school is in session. The centre incorporates separate female and male wards, an isolation ward and a testing laboratory to enable quick diagnosis of malaria and other diseases.

Most students face social and emotional challenges at some time. We encourage the students to talk to their friends or a member of staff about such problems. However, sometimes they need more specialised help. GAAT International School has one Guidance Counsellor who are always on hand to support and advise students through any such difficulties.


We take your children’s security very seriously. Our security arrangements are in the hands of an experienced Chief Security Officer who leads a team of nearly twenty security personnel, including armed police officers, in patrolling and monitoring the entire perimeter and all buildings and outside areas of the campus. Additional, specialist, staff are drafted in for large-scale events as necessary.

The site is protected by CCTV cameras, and all movements into and out of the school are monitored and recorded. Students being collected from school for holidays, half-terms etc must pass through an exit clearance process designed to ensure that children are collected only by those authorised to do so.