From The Principal's Desk

We provide a blend of Nigeria and British curriculum which is self-style that is broad, balanced and differentiated to allow all children develop to their full potentials taught by professionals and a highly qualified team of dedicated staff. Subjects taught include the following:

• Mathematics
• Mental Mathematics
• English Language
• Creative Writing
• Phonetics
• Quantitative Reasoning
• Verbal Reasoning
• Handwriting (Nelson)
• Fine Art
• Music
• Basic Technology
• Basic Science
• Physical and Health
• Social Studies
• Civic Education
• Security Education
• History
• Christian Religious Knowledge
• Islamic Religious Knowledge
• French Language
• Nigerian Languages (Igbo, Yoruba and Hausa)


We have a well-developed extra-curricular program of sports, science, music and art activities to enrich the children’s experience in life and broaden their scope of learning. At the beginning of each term we organise a club fair where parents come to guide their children/wards to choose from, based on interest and talent with the aim of creating an atmosphere that will promote a positive social attitude among the pupils and enhancing the pupils skills and attitudes which can be used in their daily life. Our clubs include the following: Subject Clubs:

• Mathematics clinic
• Readers club
• Spelling bee club
• Young farmers club
• Language club (French, Igbo, Yoruba and Hausa)
• JETS club
• ICT club
• Literary and Debating club

Non-Subject Clubs

• Little Tots club
• Ballet club
• Hip-hop club
• Gymnasium club
• Culinary club
• Football club
• Basketball
• Robotics club
• Fashion design club
• Brownies club
• Creative design club
• Chess club
• Scrabble club
• Swimming club
• Web design club
• Taekwondo club
• Photography club
• Music club